RLW Web Design and Development is here for you the client. It is our goal to work closely to provide an affordable solution for large business, small business and personal sites wanting to obtain a high quality, professionally designed website. Whether it's a custom designed website, redesign or site additions we are here to make your website the envy of your competition. We specialize in all things revolving around websites. Service comes first at RLW Web Designs and Development and we assure you'll be impressed with our website design process. We also believe your input and feedback are the keys to the overall success of your business's website and our company. The team at RLW Web Designs and Development is always moving forward with technology and learning new and old tricks every day. We truly believe in our work and love what we do. We believe this is what sets us apart. We are lucky enough to have work in a position we truly love and this produces beautiful fun results for our clients. If you want a small firm with personable people and attention to detail you will find it with RLW Web Designs and Development. View a full list of our services on the services page.

Bob Wallace is a freelance web developer and designer with 5 years experience in web development. Bob was blessed to grow up with a father who was an outgoing hard worker who excelled in business, sales and eventually owning his own business. Seeing all these great traits while growing up Bob always dreamed of the day he would own his own business. After years of customer service jobs involving waiting tables bartending, the hotel business and consulting and support in the corporate world, Bob has used all the qualities and people skills he developed over this period of time to drive his web development business. Bob started RLW Web Designs and Development in 2005 after finishing school and wanting to convert his skills. He obtained a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Information Systems from DeVry University in 2005. He also carries an Associate in Computer Science/Information Systems with a Computer Information Systems Programming Certificate. Bob and his team have built and developed numerous site designs for clients and personal use. Bob has also worked in the corporate world for 4 years as a systems engineer and consultant. Web design and development has given him the opportunity to express his artistic, technology and problem solving skills and desires. Best of all Bob gets to provide clients with the things he loves.